Thursday, January 5, 2012

~Happy 2012, 17 days and a hooting new format~

Hola!! And Happy 2012. Dang how the hell did we get to 2012 so dang fast? I'm really not liking how fast these years are flying by. However, I must admit that 2011 was not one of our better years. I will give credit that is wasn't near as bad as it could have been. Here's hoping 2012 is waayy much better for everyone.

I have never been a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions. I truly don't like to set myself up for disappointment. And I am the first to admit by feet are usually firmly set upon the road to hell on good intentions. In the past, my resolutions have been started with the greatest intentions.. only to become a huge albatross thrown across my back. So I don't plan on making myself feel worse than when I started the New Year. My unhealthy relationship w/my computer is one I will be working on. This ball and chain need to be untethered. And although I recogonize my need for a 12 step intervention when it comes to FB.. I'm not answering that knock on my door at the moment. But I will admit that I have been spending less time on my computer. ahh hell.. who am I to brag.. it is only Jan 5th!! But 5 days none the less.

Here's a comical bit of enlightenment concerning New Year's Resolutions. It occured about 15 yrs ago. Hubs decided that his resolution would be to accomplish something he had yet to achieve. He would read the Bible every night for a year. And so he purchased a daily Bible that would allow him to read the Good Book once all the way through in one year. And he did very well. He got into a habit.. or so we thought. The preacher had presented us all with a sermon about the effort and steps needed to establish a habit, whether it be good or bad. And he stated that research had shown that a task must be repeated no less than 17 times for a habit to take hold. I listened but didn't put much more thought into the sermon.

So Big BIG Hoot was reading his Bible religiously (just had to throw that one in) until something came up and he stopped for 3 weeks. We were lying in bed during week of the reading hiatus when Big BIG Hoot made the comment that he had really gotten behind on his reading. So when I asked him where he had stopped.. Yeppers!! You know it.. It was January 17th!! He was officially 1 day shy of that so called scientific proven habit. And so I encourage all who have made their resolutions and wish you many good thoughts and may you find your 17th day~~ =D

I am excited about the new blog format and hope you like it. The font should be easier to read and a consistent format that fits in my opinion. And now for a shoutin out hollar to my very talented blog designer, Christy, at Bushel and a Peck designs. I can not recommend her enough. This blog package was one that I won at an auction that benefitted an adoption fundraiser. And I must say.. Ms. Christy is very easy to work with. And the design process was incredibly stress and worry free. My favorites for colors and ideas for my blog ideas were emailed to her, I then selected the graphics package and with very minimal direction..Christy hit the ground running and put together an even better blog than I had ever imagined. If you are in the market for a designer.. I highly recommend her.

And one other thing.. she left a hoot button for comments at the bottom of the post. However, feel free to hit me up with a hollar if you feel so inclined. I can handle all comments & thoughts.

Hope you like it. I will be tweaking the blog soon and also linking up to a new blog I have started for our business that provides us with our daily birdseed. Thanks for stopping by.