Monday, March 25, 2013

~Remember Me~

For the last couple of weeks I have noticed a man walking on the feeder road next to the interstate. The road leads from my town to the next town (obviously). The weather is predictably Texas weather: rainy, windy, cold, quite warm, humid.. and back again...with the extremes all the norm these days. I usually see quite a few people walking on this road hoping to get a lift somewhere drifting where they want to be. My mind often wonders where they are going, where they have been and most certainly hoping it is for better tomorrows. But none have struck me as strongly as this gentleman. And I use the term gentleman quite efficiently. For when I see him my mind wonders into a place deep within me to question my thoughts, my actions and my routines. This gentleman does not request a free ride, a meal or even some money for his trip. This man is all about giving to everyone else on this particular highway; one travelled by thousands everyday. And the thought occurs to me "Do most people notice this man and his gift like me or do they just fly by in their cars, trucks, minivans and wheels without a care in the world"? "Do they too notice the important gift this man is sharing and making them take a personal inventory as me"?
Or do they call him foolish, crazy or even betrayed by some form of truth they hold dear? He walks and walks and walks on. Never have I seen him stop. Immediately, I feel the urge to go and get him some cool water or a warm drink to make his travels easier. But something inside tells me to allow him to continue uninterrupted for he has a purpose to serve without acknowledgement. For you see this man travels this road carrying a large cross leaning across his right shoulder quietly, slowly and with a quiet dignity that bears witness to someone so long ago, on a journey not so different. But the outcome was so incredibly horrendous as to the middle chapter of the original's life. These days I seek to find him as a reminder of my walk that isn't as obvious when compared with this mans. My life's journey is being noticed and upheld for scrutiny, just not as apparent all at once for everyone to judge. My suspicion is that this highwayman's journey will end on Good Friday, but I acknowledge mine will continue and with hopes that my memory of his walk will surpass far from Good Friday as a reminder of mine. Hopefully, this walk will not need to be reminded as such an in your face reminder that this man offers for all of us who seek him shall find. And I pray that others who do not understand will find meaning and understanding in this man's journey as well. This was an original post from my blog at

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