Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~Everybody Chill Out.. I got this~

Said Jesus to His flock.....
Have you heard me?  Are you listening?
Is this anything different from what I have
said all along? 
 It was written long before
even I came before & among you.
Haven't you figured out that the future has already
been written just as the past has already been lived?
Where is your faith?  Where is your cross?
Yes.. THAT cross.  The one you must carry
in order to proceed to get us all where we are going.
 Do I know how heavy that cross is?
Do I know how long and far that destination is with
it carried over your back?
  Splinters you say?
No you can't have the blue one or the green one.
Do you mean to tell me that you honestly believe
that the orange one is any lighter in weight
than your brown one?
How can I ask you to carry it by yourself?
Wait a minute. .. so now you are  demanding Sunscreen?
No it isn't in the plan to make take a
break at that roadside  park.
And please just ditch that GPS cause it won't
be of help at all to where we are going.
I know it says the views are better and the
trip will be shorter.  None the less, the answer
is still
For the last time.. I am not going to answer your
question of are we there yet?
Or how many more miles?
Oh and while we are at it since 
I'm the
leader then I get to select the music I want to
listen to along the way.
I do understand how you do not like my style
of music...
But even so, my trip...
My rules
Yes I am too.  Very thirsty?
No, please share what little water you have with
the others who thirst...
Because I said so....
No, trust me
You will Never run out of water
This I promise to you.
And while we are at it..
I MOST Definitely Do Know How
Heavy that cross is
And the colors really do not matter
No really... for they are all the same
Your splinters? 
Let me show you mine.
Yes you will carry it
But you weren't listening when I told
you that I will help you along the way when it
gets far too heavy and the road too treacherous
Because I LOVE You
More than you will ever know
Please just Trust Me
I have already promised you I know
The Very Best Way
Come along now
We must be going
We have many places to stop
Many people to help
Many people to show
Many people to inspire
They need us to show them
The Way
For we need them to join us
Along our Way


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