Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Hoots for Allfrig Puck Elroy..I mean Dobby, our Very own Elf

He's here, he's here and oh what a chatter..the kids woke me up to the delightful sounds of: "He's here, he's here..our elf really showed up!" It was such an incredibly different and peaceful way to awaken as opposed the usual groans and rumbles. When I got to the kitchen this is what I saw:

He came with a lwtter stating his name is Allfrig Puck Elroy but he doesn't like his name. Something about merciless teasing from the other elves after Santa gave them all monogrammed sweaters one year and since his nickname has been APE. After some investigating, I have discovered that the name Puck is notorious for mischief. (some reference to Shakespeare or something as well). Oh my!! Should I be concerned? Anyway, so we gladly honored his request and came up with the name Dobby.. in honor of another elf we are all in love with.
So Little Hoot is already busy working her magical powers of influence and befriending him w/bites of powdered sugar donuts. While Big Hoot is busy stuffing his mouth with the usually sinfully absent sugary treat for breakfast. Personally, I think he was afraid the awesome treat might disappear as quickly and magically as Dobby appreared.

So that little feller appeared in the dark cloak of night. He must be sneaky as he slipped in without even a growl from our dear Butterball. This morning he came with a list of likes and some rules. He can't speak and his magic might permanently disappear if he's touched. But he will watch and repeat all he's seen and he's heard to the Big Fat Generous Man up in the N.P. He doesn't like fussing and arguing or disobedience. And his nerves get all shot with loud noises too. Once when the kids started playing real loudly, they later discovered the donut gone and he'd move on his shelf. So it really must be true!!

So Dobby we welcome you to our home this season. We hope you bring giggles for these kids full of wiggles. For we so need a change to our holiday season. From sadness and tears we hope to find smiles and maybe a giggle. And some more of those great donuts and hot chocolate would be great too!! And as I write this..the hoots have come in from playing outside and are now singing Christmas carols to our very own Dobby.

* Disclaimer.. a very special thanks to my friend, Heather who introduced her very own elves to me and gave me the idea. And I also notoriously stole her breakfast introduction from her as well. Thanks my friend.. you have made a huge difference in our holiday season during our overwhelming grief.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Welcome Dobby! May you bring as much joy of the season to your house as Muriel and Aurelius have brought to ours.

CareBear said...

Love it! We might have to do one next year!

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