Thursday, November 3, 2011

~Charm #3~

Welcome to Two Hoots & a Hollar! And thanks for your patience. I have decided to combine my other two blogs into one catch all. Hopefully, I can now keep striaght the content and not have to choose what and where I post. I also think the name two hoots & a hollar fits me to a T. Dumbass did fit me and many others quite often. However, I'm busy raising too young hoots who I personally think are the most precious and yet most annoying birds I've come across. And I often find myself hollaring to keep them in line. And I also can't ignore the fact that I am magnetically pulled to anything that resounds with great ignorance, irony and humor. So Two Hoots it will be...

Not only does insomnia do me well at times....I have been up all night putting this blog together.. I have come across some hilarious and rare creatures online. It simply astounds me the vast amounts of useful and useless knowledge I can find online in my lost attempt for a decent night's rest. The following are a few that I have recently found. I wish that I had written down what the heck they are..but they are entertaining non the less.

~ He looks like he's entertaining the thought of working somewhere..~

~ I have not a clue..????~

~Nothing like a good laugh with a friend~

~The Pink Panther theme plays in my head when I see this fella~

This guy is so incredibly ugly & strange I can't help but feel sorry 4 him

~I am Spartacus......Gladiator Armadillo~

~Oh my.. I have no words for this one~

~hmm.. he looks closer to some regular fellas I've seen.. bat ears!!~

~My personal favorite..the monster from "Where the Wild Things Are"..a little rare rhino~

~Now him I can relate to.. I"m feeling just like that right now~

~Don't go in the water too deep~

~ And this is ME when I don't get my caffeine or Sonic ice!! ~

~And these are my two little monkeys (I mean little hoot owls)~

~And I have to end with my buddy Myrtle.. it just doesn't get any
betta than my Myrtle~~

Have any thoughts as to what these things might be?
Leave a comment if you feel so inclined...
And Have a great day!! Friday is almost here~

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