Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Hooter Gone Sad~

Little Hooter had her first field trip yesterday. The plan was to go to a working farm about an hours drive away. Now Mama Hooter has been looking forward to field trips for while now. Big Hooter had them when he was in K, but because he was insanely jealous of Little Hooter going anywhere within say a 5o mile radius of anywhere fun that he got to go he acted inappropriately to Little Hooter if she was around. And since he would act aggessively towards her, Mama Hooter had to put her foot down an refuse to go with him. And then, he grew up to where their field trips don't allow for chaperones to attend I missed the boat with him. =(
So last week while in the car I inquired Lil Hoot if she wanted me to chaperone the said planned trip. She adamently replied "No". I was taken aback thinking that surely she mis- heard what I had asked. Nope.. there was no hearing loss on her part. So I asked if she would be embarrassed by my attendance? This is usually about as long as any conversation can go without Big Hoot chirping in his opinion. And yes.. He could be counted on for his input.
He replied very quickly and efficiently, "Nope.. that won't happen. She can't embarrass you cause she won't be singing or dancing!" Yes.. thanks Big Hoot for taking up for me. No wait. What? I embarrass you with my singing and dancing?

Ok.. So this isn't an unknown fact. In fact, I have used such non talent to threaten to break out into song and dance when they are misbehaving in say WalMart, Target, anyhere.. And it has worked like a charm too. So maybe too well? This being said..Little Hoot still stood by her initial decision. So the day came and I bid her farewell and sadly shut the door.
Thinking how sad that I couldn't share this event in her life. And all the possible missed photo ops I could snap. And then I had myself a lovely quiet day.

So when she returned I happily asked her how the day and trip went. She had fun. It was nice weather. Lots and I mean Lots of parents went. She saw and heard a very strange sounding rooster, and got to pet a pig! I'm glad she had a good time.

And this is how I feel after chatting with one of the moms that went. Yes, there were Lots of parents, a sick turtle that the owners did not quarantine the curous kids away from, and a child that didn't exactly make it to the bathroom in time. And then there were the kids arguing about where to sit, and who and when and how to ride back to school. Oh yes, and I forgot that Little Hoot told me about an accident that happened where one of her friends had to go home before they left for the farm after her fingers accidentally got slammed in the bathroom door. So now that I've had time to really think about all of this.. I think Little Hoot may have done me a favor. There is a possibility that the parents enjoyed the trip exponentially less than that of the wonderful kids. So thanks Little Hoot!! I have fully recovered from my parental delusion of touchy feely perfect memories. Maybe some are better left ununremembered and unexperienced. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Maybe it had nothing to do with Mama Hoot embarrassing Little Hoot, but more of Little Hoot just wanting to grow up a little on her own and show her independence. She does have a need to make practice flights cause one day she will eventually fly away. I just need to keep reminding myself. And her..that it could be worse.. maybe my lack of rhythm and vocal talents

aren't that bad? It could be far worse?

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