Saturday, November 5, 2011

~It's The Most wonderful Time of the Year~!

When I worked a Summer for the State of Texas I came to realize just how many holidays are on the books. And for a State/Federal worker..they pretty much take each and every one off and get paid for it or comp. time. Now that's a great deal to some. However, I always thought it cut into effective production and caused more havok in trying to catch up w/the work that needs to get completed. So back in that day.. when I knew that my time was on a very short leash with this employment gig, I proposed a National Chipmunk Day. Another day to take off so work would not get done. These days, I know of some hunters who would actually prefer it to be National Squirrel Day in which they could then have national recognition for their anuual squirrel hunting encounters.
In my old age, I have come to realize and recognize that if we are gonna make a grand celebration out of something, then it should be something we can all really get excited about. And who doesn't just get all teary eyed on the day of the year when we get to gain another hour? Another hour to celebrate, waste, spend ..delete in any way we feel inclined?

This happens to be an occassion in which I can't help but giddy and teary eyed over. It's like cheating your day. If you find you didn't like how you spent an hour of this day, well then.. lucky you.. You get a Do Over!! So How Cool Is That?

And the older I get, the more excited this day becomes. So why not have a holiday when everyone can enjoy the actual day. In all honesty, I believe that Columbus Day has run its course. Who can honestly say that they appreciate, know and even give a rat's ass about the controversial man who supposedly "found" our hemisphere (as if it were actually lost) and under the circumstances in which he desired to find it? President Obama I will give you permission to apologize on behalf of Christopher Columbus to the world for his actions and those that followed. And I will also overlook the fact that he was a Spaniard since our founding is attributed to his greed. Columbus Day modern day has become nothing less than the motive in which Columbus set sail.. Greed. Please name one activity or event that you acutally participate in celebrating this National holiday other than "Retail Shopping". Oh the bargains and sales and shopping oh my!!

Oh please!! And don't even get me started on "President's Day". When was the last time we even celebrated two incredible Founding Father's even remotely close to their birthdays? It too has become another reason to SHOP. I am actually encouraged to learn that school kids will actually study some of the contributions these two great men contributed to our wonderful country. While their folks... yes.. once again... SHOP!!

So this leads me to suggest making Daylight Savings Time a holiday. One in which we whill actually enjoy, understand and celebrate. For those who don't care to celebrate will be fully compensated for the gained time in a few brighter months. The holiday will actually take place on the day it occurs and will be noticed by every some form of another.. And yes, I have forgotten to celebrate this precious time.. finding myself a drama of one in church once while making a very dramatic entrance. Time off to celebrate time gained. It's a win win situation if you ask me. Think off all the fun parties one can host and attend. All the fabulous food.. and all the opportunities to Enjoy that precious thing we all complain of losing and missing~ TIME.

So while my little hoots dream of the upcoming Christmas Eve, I will continue to dream of this MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!! So how will you spend yours?

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