Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~~Paka Paka ~ Hola & Welcome New Hoots~~

This is a follow up for the prayers I requested for a dear friend this Summer when she and her family made the decision to travel to the other end of the world to adopt two special needs children. I just have to hollar about the goodness and prayers that have been answered thus far. And of course me being me.. I will request for just really only three more. We are on a roll per se. Thank you all who have held them in prayer and if you helped to contribute to their cause.

My dear friend Carrie and her hubs, Lee opened their hearts and home to beginning the adoption process that led them to the Ukraine and the worst blizzard in many years. They left at the spur of the moment after months of paperwork, official documents and waiting for the approval to fly over to eastern Europe to claim the daughters they so lovingly and patiently prayed for. They left before Christmas and have been there just under 2 months finalizing the details. This trip meant leaving their other three kids behind at Christmas time. And the time was spent longing for the kids left in care of their families while establishing bonds with their two new daughters.

Well.. I am happy to announce that the wait is over... almost!! As I write this, they are in the air on their journey home with Hannah and Naomi, two very very special little girls who have just recieved the proverbial Golden Ticket (as in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Still such a wonderful movie (The Gene Wilder version of course!) The Eubanks have opened their hearts and home. Carrie has written such a beautiful blog in which she has shares their journey with us all. A link to her blog: Living on Hope and Prayers is along the right side of this blog.

I have learned much about the plight of these special children during this time. And I have always had a very special place in my heart for the Down Syndrome child. They carry an extra set of chromosomes that I believe is the extra special that we "normal" folks lack. In my time on earth, I believe we lack the ability to live in the "here and now at all times", to fully and completetely experience and GIVE love unconditionally without strings or malice, and to view the world as Jesus commands us.. Childlike. They give so freely and expect so little in expectations in return. And I have seen how much Carrie has been effected and affected by the love of her son Nathan in her life. Once she gave birth to Nathan, she knew she had to have other children. First her daughter Sarah, and now Hannah & Naomi. She & Lee will most cetainly have their work cut out for them. A household with 3 special needs children will present many challenges. But I have no doubt that all of these kids will thrive in their care.

I have learned that in the United States 90% of all pregnancies in which a DS baby is prenatally suspected, the pregnancy will be terminated. That just breaks my heart when these kids bring so much to the many families that I have known who have a child/sibling with DS. In every single case, they insist that their lives and families were strengthened and improved with these kids. And they could never imagine their lives without these wonderful family members.

Recently, I finished the book "Heaven Is For Real" in which a 4 yr old boy claims that he had the experience to visit heaven and sit on Jesus' knee when faced with a deadly illness and surgery. He was able to tell his parents things that absolutely astounded and baffled them. He described family members that he was welcomed by that had died decades before he was born. He also met the sister he never knew about that was miscarried before he was conceived. He was also able to relay pertinent Biblical descriptions and images he saw that were completely too complex and academic for a 4 yr old that is told in Revelations. And as a Christian, I hold faith and relief in reading his words. And I have often struggled with the presence of the two children that I lost to miscarriage. If what he claims is be true, then I will have 2 children waiting for me as well.
This is all a side note.. but it has made me acutely aware of the extreme loss that mankind has suffered to the loss of all these precious children that have never been given an opportunity to live and Teach us. It is my firm belief that these precious children are the messengers of great wisdoms that we as a society need to hear and be taught. I know I'm rambling, but I think that this is why I am so excited for Carrie and her family.

And the situation for special needs children in Eastern Europe is competely shameful. They are sent away into orphanages and later still as young children they are insitutionalized with adults with severe mental illness. Their health and living conditions are shameful. And it hasn't been until recently that the wonderful organization Reece's Rainbow has been instrumental in saving over 5000 of these kids. And as of this moment, two more are in air away from those conditions and life.

Which leads me to my first obvious prayer request. For safe and very boring and uneventful flights home. Travelling with 2 little girls who have never left the orphanage before Mon. may have certain stresses and issues arise. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow night they will be in route to their home (by van) here in Texas..and I will get to be there at the airport bearing gifts and tears of happiness.

The adjustments will be many. Let's face it.. They have just left weather conditions in which it wasn't even above zero. And it's quite possible that we will be in the 80's on any given day in a Texas Winter. The food will be completely new and different and in absolute abundance. Hannah will be so happy to hear this!! Hannah.. one of your first words should be All You Can Eat Buffet!!

The language is a no brainer..with much adjustment for having difficulty in understanding new words and language barriers. And a big new family to boot.. There will be lots of adjustments and trying to find each person's place in the new family structure. And snuggle bunny Naomi, there will be lsot of loving arms to snuggle in and find comfort. =D
Even a pair of properly fitting footed jammies are a new thing.. but a terrifically great thing~ So please pray for a patient adjustment for all five kids and two very BRAVE parents.

I also would like to hold both Carrie, Lee and all the children and their caregivers in prayer. Carrie, I will go out on a limb and hope it's ok I share something you told me this afternoon. She said that it is so incredibly heartbreaking to leave the orphanage and all the wonderful kids who don't have a family to save them. Her heart breaks for the father who visits his son often and isn't able to bring him home. But his heartbreak and love for his son is apparent. Hopefully, one day he will be able to bring his son home. And all the changes that come slow, long and hard to make the orphanages better. The need for placing all these kids before the horrific day when they are to be placed in institutions that do not help or even recognize their needs so they can thrive. The caretakers do the best they can with what they have. But so much could improve if more people would open their hearts and homes and save these kids. So please keep them all in your prayers. Reece's Rainbow also takes tax deductible donations to help towards adoptions for families.

Actually in this case.. I can't believe I'm gonna actually say this..but it isn't about the Shoes!! shhh.. don't tell people I actually said that. But it's really about New Parents!! And you two have just hit the lottery~
The Big ONE!!

So you two little hoots tell that snow "Paka Paka" (that's Russian for Bye.. pretty cool huh?) and I will welcome you with Woo Hoo!! Hola & Welcome to Tejas Princess Hannah & Princess Naomi!! My little hoots and I can't wait to meet you. May your journey to your new life be waayy better than you ever even dreamed...

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