Saturday, February 18, 2012

~There once was a chick...~

There once was a chick who liked money
Clothes, books, music & food
And don't forget SHOES
And anything that was funny

Her work brought her joy
Lots of people and pride
And many airplane rides
But she really dreamed of a boy
(or precious little girl =D )

The need it did grow
The career she did walk
Without even a balk
For new channels to row

A miracle it was
The boy did appear
With collicky tears
And Mom's exhaustive buzz

Society called for perfection
Experts, advice and books
Don't forget snooty looks
For childrearing direction

The moms did feel down
Feeling inadequate blight
With no respite in sight
Seeking anything but a frown

Seeking solice & peace
Outlets for moms
To feel more at home
And Google it calmed the beast

Imaginary Friends
To chat, laugh and cry
Through high times and dry
All at the button of "Send"

These ladies they appear
Prayer warriors with strength
Throughout the years at length
Uplifting & Supportive thru tears

Sincere and online
Stories, trials and issues
Dealt with laughs and tissues
Until everything is again fine

They each have your back
When the world it does fight
And deals life with a bite
Terrific Friends it's a fact

Through illness & kids
Death and birth
They remind you your worth
Whatever your life it may bid

From the desert to plains
Mountains and cities
We're just happy biddies
This friendship can't be explained

Imaginary friends
Some do say "it's all play"
"No way" I will say
Dear Dear Friends to the end

And to the naysayers well...
They can all go to .....=D

Our friendship we pledge
Thru life's little messing
They are each my blessing
And thanks for keeping me off...
life's ledges

I am so incredibly blessed with my incredible Mom friends in my
inner circle. We have shared so much. Thank you for all of your prayers,
support, laughter, and tears. It's so ironic that most of us met on a huge group mom site called "Unsupermoms" because we were rebels in our momhood and we relished breaking the mold of silence in our dispair. Who knew that our journeys would lead us here years later?

I have begun to really appreciate all the incredible experiences held among our small tight group. We are a perfect polling group when I stop and recount all the differences and similarities we share. The list includes major illness, divorce, unemployment, new employment and empowerment, special needs children, homeschooling, soldiers at war, grandchildren, new babies, deaths,adoptions,rural, huge city, and the list goes on and on.. I have come to realize that if something comes up in my life that I need advice.. I have the perfect group of friends who can help cause they have been there. Our geographical distance also allows me to gain a new perspective I might not have thought of before.

You each amaze me in your strength, strong faith and determination to make this world better. Your honesty and ability to say exactly what you think is refreshing. And you each inspire me to be a better person. And I love each of you dearly. You have made my life so much richer and happier.

So Imaginary my butt. If this is what make believe is..then I feel sorry for everyone in the "real world"...I will just stay here and play make believe..


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