Friday, February 17, 2012

~~Ring.. This is Teacher Hoot Calling~~

Something really strange is going on around here with me lately. I am lacking something I usually have in abundance..


I am honestly lacking for the gift of sarcasm at the moment. A huge amount of sarcasm is the fuel of champions in my book. I waller (that's Southern for rolling in it) in it daily. Now don't get me wrong.. it isn't completely gone cause you would probably have to commit me if I didn't use it to torture my little hoots. And they would probably look at me dumbfounded as if I hit them upside the head with a bat if I removed it totally from my childrearing skills.

After all the drama of last week with the adoptions and cancer remission it felt good and proper to post next about Valentines Day and everyday life in all it's snarky glory. But when it came time to sit down and write.. nothing came. I had picked a bunch of saacharin coated, hilarious and bitter flavored songs and images to commemorate the event. However, the day came and went without a single peep from moi.

Instead, I find myself in an introspective mood. And meditating on all my blessings. The call came from little hoot's teacher this week inquiring if I knew that she had turned in her loose change collection box that day. "Yes I was aware" I replied. The teacher then asked if I knew how much was actually in that box. "Yes". And the teacher sighed and got quiet. At this pt. I come to the realization that Little Hoots teacher may have thought my hoot had gotten into a stack of bills at home. Little did Teacher Hoot know, that the only stack of bills you can find in our nest are the ones we have to pay to keep the lights on and music playing. I explained how both of my children had taken to the task of fundraising loose change for children's cancer very seriously. Especially Little Hoot. She demanded that we canvas our neighborhood w/scooter and box to knock on doors asking for change. And after a while Little Hoot even changed her script from "Give me your Money" to "Will you help us with kid's cancer?"..."please".

In fact, Little Hoot took to this like a fish in water. Big Hoot being the competitive Hooter he is finally kicked his effort in gear and it became a competition. I am so incredibly proud of both of my hoots.

School fundraisers have become a nuisance of late. In years past, it seemed as if every club and class was selling something. And this is the yr. I put my foot down and said no. If they needed money for something I would be happy to just contribute more than what my hoots would have sold after the administrative costs were deducted.

Thankfully, this year our school has decided not to hold fundraisers per se. This is the year that we introduced altruism to our kids. The canned good/monetary donation to benefit hungry people took center stage. And our school raised an amount to be proud of. Then came the yearly event to collect/donate coats for kids. And again our kids stepped up to the plate. So when this fundraiser came along my kids dug in again.

What makes me so proud is that both hoots are always willing to give money that they had personally been saving. In fact, their grandparents donated to the cancer event. And then sent cards w/$$ for Valentines Day. Little Hoot didn't bat an eye when she decided to put all but $1 of her gift in her collection box. And Big Hoot keeps reminding me that this event really isn't about the prize of a caterered Olive Garden meal to the class that brings in the most $$. But it's really about kids fighting for their life against a deadly disease. It's as if the prize is an insult in his eyes. And his class has almost brought in $200 thus far. So the kids are really getting into this project.

So I explain to Teacher Hoot that my kids are usually collecting something to help someone else out. We regularly go to the dollar store after I give each hoot a set amount of money to spend. They are to select food items for the food pantry. It's amazing to watch them shop, discern and collect the items they feel will feed the most people with their budget. We could actually purchase more food if I took that money and donated directly to the food pantry I volunteer at. They can get the food for much less. But the lessons my hoots are learning are wonderful. And I hope they remember these trips after they grow up.

What blew me away was Teacher Hoot started crying after I was explaining what we do. And how open, thoughtful and generous she can be. She was so touched by this generous box of money that she called me in the middle of class to inquire about it. She then laughed after I told her that Little Hoot would actually have another $20 if she would clean her room. But this has not been a doable option for my LH. Nothing.. and I mean NUTHING will move that child to clean her room.

It's hard to teach our hoots all we need to teach them. And usually by the end of the night when the house is quiet and calm I reflect on all the missed opportunities there were to read more, laugh more and argue less. And I kick myself for getting into crazy unnecessary drama all the time. Many days are ended with a mental reminder of all I wanted to cover and ran out of time to do. However, truth be told.. my hoots are picking up on some of the important stuff thru childhood osmosis and I am so incredibly grateful. So for all the failures I feel at times, I am pleased beyond measure that my hoots are becoming aware of the world they are living in, the people in which we share it with, and the realization that we can change it for the better if we take the necessary steps and effort to try.

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