Friday, February 10, 2012

~~ This is the Kid...~~

This is the kid
Who fought back
When cancer came
With its attack

This is the boy
Who stood tall
And faced this demon
And accepted the call

With head held high
And faith so strong
HE shaved his own head
To right this wrong

This is the kid
Who bravely faced the tolls
He gave himself shots
Cause that's how he rolls

This is the boy
Who looked death
Straight in its eye
With his every breath

This the kid who learned new words
That before were forbidden
Like "Cancer Sucks"
Just be ridden

This is the kid
Who took up the fight
And inspired so many
With grace & might

This is the boy
Who drank the crap
That burned his insides
With horrific Zap!!

This is the friend who held the hands
And hugged other peers
Who battled like him
To cancer they threw back their jeers

This is the kid
Who helped them cope
He made them laugh
And gave them Hope

This is the mom
Who is beyond Great
That has raised 6 kids
And improved their fate

She picked them all
To love & hold
And made a bond
That broke the mold

And this is the family
Who walked the race
Cause when cancer strikes
It puts all in their place

This is the boy
Who has inspired so many
With microphone and radio remote
He asked for pennies

And quarters and dimes
And dollars to boot
Cause this cancer that strikes
Strikes with evil brute

He's taught us so much
Like how all cancers
The KIDS get the least $$
To find the answers!!!

To solve this horror
To tame this beast
So please please please
Let's fund for the least

These are the boys
Who both had to fight
Best friends they were
Before this killer made sight

This is the deadly disease
That is Evil season
It picks and chooses
With no rhyme or reason

So no other child
Big or small
Will have to fight
This horrific brawl

This is kid
Who fought so hard
Who officially today
Has WON his battle

So Tony today
Our tears they do flow
Congratulations & Adulations
We want you know

We love you and cheer you
And thank you too
For you inspired us all
In all that you do!!

May your years be many
Your troubles be few
And your family & friends
Be an inspiration to you


Lil Lissa said...

This is the best thing I have ever seen and Im glad Tony fought his cancer and that hes still alive today you are amziing with you r poetry and your little rymes were so cute!!! And perfect you care about him so much and never gave up and always had faith this is just amazing and Tony is amazing for being soooo strong and survivng everyone knew he could he was the best and still is the best thankfully and proud of Tony Alyssa Freniere <3

kd said...

Thanks Alyssa for your kind words. Tony has touched my life in so many ways. I'm glad my words conveyed his amazing spirit.
=D Karyn

CareBear said...

Hearing he is finally in remission is music to my ears! Great post!

mamabear said...

Karyn this is just too beautiful. You're awesome, it is so wonderful that you did this.

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